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And so "The Expendables 3" tries to mix in a few tears with all the testosterone, paying tribute to the depth and resilience of male friendships forged in combat (at one point, you may wonder if you've wandered into "Fist Bump: The Movie"), and also to the looming specter of the men's mortality.
Reusables really help with costs by cutting ongoing expendable cost by 50 percent over one year," said Krohn.
But now the Air Force is confronted with uncertainties not only in the space shuttle but in its own expendables as well.
There's the injection of AARP-eligible action stars such as Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford into the already bursting-at-the-seams cast, as well the addition of some junior Expendables.
We can also see that the expendable product firms allocate more of their marketing budget to radio and television, but less to Web site advertising than do the capital product industries.
Kiowa Warrior mechanics, eyeball Appendix D, Expendable and Durable Items list found in your IETM EM 0246.
This program develops a broad understanding of the foundry tooling selection process for expendable mold casting.
The airborne expendable infrared countermeasures program offers spectrally tailored infrared signature to defeat the discrimination logic of advanced missile seeker threats.
There's a bit of youth with female Expendable Maggie (Nan Yu) and sniper Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) joining the team, but this film celebrates its veterans.
In particular, the study notes that the decision-making process was very different for expendable items vs.