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The bottom line is that most organizations have few management controls around their spreadsheet usage and those that do, are expending enormous time and resources on manual processes.
When the probability of apprehending an illegal alien after expending [C.
Management is extremely pleased with the modifications to the initial Option Agreement in that the Company's ownership in these Uranium Claims will vest immediately upon its expending funds.
Within 90 days of completing its commitments for a 50% interest, Arimex may elect to acquire an additional 10% interest by expending an additional $2 million on exploration within 2 years of vesting its 50% interest.
At that juncture Mega Uranium will also have the option to increase its interest to 60% by expending a further US$2 million over the subsequent three years.
RNGM") by expending 4,000,000 euros over five years; 300,000 euros to be expended during the first year.
by expending 4,000,000 euros within a five-year period; 300,000 euros to be expended during the first year.
Piedmont will have earned a 51% interest in the project upon expending $2,000,000 in exploration expenditures and property and claims maintenance fees within 5 years of the effective date of this agreement.
TSX VENTURE:TTM) ("TTM") are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement whereby TTM may acquire a 15% interest in the Denain property by expending a total of 300 000$ prior to July 31st 2005.