expense of transportation

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First, the expense on the use of our weapons in the exercise, and second, the expense on ammunition, and third, the expense of transportation and meals,' said Eth Sarath, deputy RCAF commander, in a press conference later that day.
The costs for petroleum that mining company incurs does not only comprise of the actual price of oil, but includes costs that are incurred for payment of custom duties, petroleum charges, refining costs and the expense of transportation to a given site.
Deliveries will take place at the expense of transportation and risk of the Con
Add to those costs the current expense of transportation and it is evident that the smart thing for any direct marketer to do is remove the names from the list that are the least likely to yield results.
"With the consolidation of housing and transportation programs in a single subcommittee, we need to make sure that the appropriators do not fund CDBG at the expense of transportation, Section 8 Vouchers or other housing programs."
She said the Belt Line interchange, the West Eugene Parkway and other local projects have been pushed at the expense of transportation work to improve the safety and liveability of existing neighborhoods and established business districts.
These programs are presented in the chapter area (location determined by the chapter) and provide economical training for the chapter's local foundries without the extra expense of transportation to the Des Plaines facility.