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In framing a government for posterity as well as ourselves, we ought, in those provisions which are designed to be permanent, to calculate, not on temporary, but on permanent causes of expense.
And extremely acceptable it is, for we must live at a great expense while we are here.
It was my earnest wish to help him to prepare to enter Hampton, and to save money to assist him in his expenses there.
During the strike, of course, they spent all that they had saved, and would often return to work in debt at the same wages, or would move to another mine at considerable expense.
You wanted to frighten him away from expense, and we want to frighten him into it.
They have various ways of dressing their heads, and spare no expense in ear-rings, necklaces, or anything that may contribute to set them off to advantage.
It saves the expense of my journey to Kingscote and back, and gives me the opportunity to "finish" a little in French.
Give a girl an education, and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without farther expense to anybody.
Norris had not the least intention of being at any expense whatever in her maintenance.
274(e)(3) might apply because the per-diem expenses were "paid or incurred by the taxpayer .
ThinMind Expense Reporting is an integrated web-based administrative tracking solution that provides the ability to collect, track, and organize expenses at any level of the organization.
Median total operating expenses and assessment for all condominium property types as a group remained relatively stable in 2004, declining just 1.