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The only rational explanation is that this is an expensive windowdressing exercise by expensively paid people.
Collingrove Stud, as agent, offered the three foals at the 2003 Inglis Easter sale, where Expensively was bought for A$90,000.
Solid State is a fast, clean, easy solution to problems that sometimes require time-consuming, expensively maintained resource juggling.
Thus a vendor may be willing to deliver an item to international customers less expensively than the government can deliver it.
This lightweight cladding material enabled us to effectively implement facade repairs faster, safer and less expensively, and without diminishing important architectural details.
In short, we the viewing public were repeatedly shown clips from expensively produced commercials posing as news footage, commercials once intended to be seen only by armaments buyers in the Department of Defense--another, quite limited community of consumers altogether.
In addition to simulating bomb damage, the machine will serve Sandia's research on X-ray lasers, and it could be available for other scientific research, though expensively.
Monitoring & Concept Center (Camarillo, CA) speaking at the Infineon Media Day 2004, said that the wide-angle mirrors Volvo fits to its European vehicles perform much the same function less expensively, but are illegal in the U.
And aluminum's easy machinability means that molds can be made much faster and less expensively.
Entertainment Tonight will be able to digitally store and retrieve its archives much faster, more efficiently and less expensively.
California is in competition with 14 other states for one or two launch sites for VentureStar, a revolutionary wedge-shaped unmanned spacecraft intended to carry cargo into orbit less expensively than the space shuttle does.