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At times, conflict has developed with those who have joked about the expensiveness of discovering what we already know, and with those who have challenged, 'Tell me something I don't know
First, end users are net long index options, especially out-of-money puts, which helps to explain their apparent expensiveness and the smirk.
The opening set description specifies a precise location ("a very expensive hotel room in Leeds" [3]) that, due to its expensiveness also defies spatial precision ("so expensive it could be anywhere in the world" [3]).
Due to the expensiveness of composite material manufacture, their greater use in commercial aviation came at a later date.
A cost-prevalence index (CPI) (developed by Serfontein, 1989:180) was used as indicator of the expensiveness of medicine.
The methodology relies on this relatively simple technique for analyzing the profitability of the trading rules because of the possible problems related to non-linear models such as computational expensiveness, overfitting, data snooping and difficulties interpreting the results.
Expensiveness of exercise and textbooks was also addressed as one of parents and students' concerns, especially as the new school year coincides with the end of the Holy month of Ramadhan and Eid El-Fitr feast.
The same thing happens at the point of marginal expensiveness, where the number of people experiencing a product as too expensive is larger than the number of those experiencing the product as expensive.
Among the common problems in the matter of packaging in the studied region, we can generally mention expensiveness and high prices for empty boxes and also their low qualities.
in comparison with the podgy and bulbous expensiveness of Schonbrun, the tawdry, gummy, adhesive costliness of the trappings of the bourgeois drawing-rooms of the period, had a meaning.
Irrespective of its expensiveness, OLED displays have gained momentum and the advent of flexible OLEDs have proved to be a revolutionary approach by OLED manufacturers.
Given the increasing sophistication of defenses and the growing expensiveness (and thus smaller numbers) of traditional strike platforms, such as tactical aircraft, the answer to this problem will increasingly involve new kinds of missiles and other unmanned systems.