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The Indirect Effects of Tipping Policies on Patronage Intentions through Perceived Expensiveness, Fairness, and Quality.
Rural residence, illiteracy, lower monthly per-capital income, poor socioeconomic status, unavailability of the salt, lack of awareness about the risk of IDD, using bulk (unpackaged) salt, exposing salt to sunlight, expensiveness, and lack of knowledge about iodized salt are among the factors associated with the absence of adequately iodized salt at home [7-14].
(23) The very fact that the campaign spent considerable amounts of money to conduct internal polling is further testimony to the expensiveness and seriousness of the incumbent's campaign organization.
The use of blood incurs various drawbacks in culture, such as expensiveness; contamination of viruses, Mycoplasma, etc.; batch variation (DeGraw et al, 1979; Hill, 1984; Whitney et al., 2003); difficulty in sterilization; limited shelf-life; high demand to supply ratio; safety-, regulatory- and ethical- issues (Malikides et al., 2000; Malikides et al, 2001); cause damage to the environment; incompatibility of blood with bacterial growth (Krumwiede and Kuttner, 1938); source of development of multi-drug resistant (MDR) strains; etc.
"We know that the higher weight in the relatively expensive IT sector is driving some of the expensiveness of the S&P 500, but this does not fully explain the bulk of its high absolute and relative valuation level," the pair write.
reverse osmosis, aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment, ozonation, may have some significant disadvantages, like incomplete removal, expensiveness due to excessive energy, manual labor, operations and maintenance requirements, production of toxic sludge (Renou et al.
Currently, metal nanoparticles [9] and organic metal complexes or hybrids [10] are widely used materials to formulate conductive inks, but their industrial application is limited by several disadvantages, such as mechanical brittleness and expensiveness [11].
(201.) Michael Lynn & Shuo Wang, The Indirect Effects of Tipping Policies on Patronage Intentions Through Perceived Expensiveness, Fairness, and Quality, 39 J.
Expensiveness, low availability, and need of expertise are further limits of MRI.
"We don't care about fixed pricing, all what we need is to determine a price ceiling for the products by the government, as low-income citizens are facing a problematic situation and cannot afford it anymore," Chairman of Anti Expensiveness Citizens' Association Mahmoud Askalany told Egypt Today.
Facilities and equipment###1) Shortage of vehicles and equipment, 2) Mismatch between input and goals, 3) Expensiveness and rareness of equipment
Furthermore, these systems benefit greatly by their in expensiveness, portability and independence from specialized laboratory settings.