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Even if actual total costs to consumers are unaffected, there are reasons to believe that replacing tipping with either higher service-inclusive menu prices or automatic service charges will increase perceptions of restaurant expensiveness and, thereby, reduce demand.
In Figure 3, the point of marginal cheapness and the point of marginal expensiveness are shown.
in comparison with the podgy and bulbous expensiveness of Schonbrun, the tawdry, gummy, adhesive costliness of the trappings of the bourgeois drawing-rooms of the period, had a meaning.
Irrespective of its expensiveness, OLED displays have gained momentum and the advent of flexible OLED proved revolutionary for OLED manufacturers.
That is, there is a positive correlation in the mid-degree between genders and expensiveness of the quality certificated products.
Majority A's willingness to import concerns about the expansiveness and expensiveness of Congress's delegation into the deferential step-two analysis suggests that Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito may no longer be satisfied by any reasonable agency reading of ambiguous statutory language.
The expensiveness of college and the state of the economy drive the reassessments.
Because of expensiveness of real estates, agents should have financial power to purchase estates.
However, the tourism industry is also struggling to expand given weak economic growth in its major source markets of Europe and North America and the Caribbean's relative expensiveness as a holiday destination.
Given the increasing sophistication of defenses and the growing expensiveness (and thus smaller numbers) of traditional strike platforms, such as tactical aircraft, the answer to this problem will increasingly involve new kinds of missiles and other unmanned systems.
Joy (2001) illustrates the relativity between the degree of expensiveness of the gift and the degree of the closeness of the relationship.
The bourse's price-earning ratio, a measure of expensiveness, was more than 12 times in the fourth week of April against 12.