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Just so, I maintain (he continues), does a given undivided portion of experience, taken in one context of associates, play the part of a knower, of a state of mind, of
consciousness'; while in a different context the same undivided bit of experience plays the part of a thing known, of an objective 'content.
But we may remark that it is the idea of experience, rather than experience itself, with which the mind is filled.
His system is based upon experience, but with him experience includes reflection as well as sense.
And we seem to see at a distance the promise of such a method, which can hardly be any other than the method of idealized experience, having roots which strike far down into the history of philosophy.
With careful preparation, you can safely and fairly reliably occasion a mystical experience using psilocybin that may lead to positive changes in a person," he says.
The purpose of incorporating a CSL component into the nursing curriculum was to provide a legitimate experience whereby students could apply theoretical content to a community setting.
One year of general accounting experience supervised by an actively licensed CPA; and
However, more than thirty empirical studies have documented the risk factors for homesickness, which include little previous experience away from home, insecure attachment to caregivers, low perceived control, preseparation negative attitudes, social disconnection, and significant cultural and environmental shifts.
While they may have considerable experience in the Navy technical shore establishment, they are probably experiencing Navy life at sea for the very first time.
According to Ellen Langer, (10) a mindful approach to any activity involves continuous creation of new ways of organizing experience, openness to new information and awareness of different perspectives.
For each subject area, he demonstrates elegantly how writers have continued to use the idea of experience to capture a specific kind of intensity and otherness.