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For example, a "book" is an experienceable object with the label "book" imputed on the basis of (a) the front and back covers, spine, pages, print (which are the parts); (b) the publisher, printing equipment, workers, paper pulp, ink etc.
Whatever we know about the experienceable world is arranged and systemized by the categories of thought/understanding.
It is within the phenomenal or experienceable realm that language has developed and it is to this that it literally applies.
since the processes transcending consciousness are not experienceable from within and since for the purposes of characterizing their structures we have no other symbols available than those developed on the occasion of other finite experiences, there results conflicts of expression.
These two contrasting concepts of necessity, the older "metaphysical" notion as pertaining to objects, the newer "critical" notion as pertaining to judgments, that is, to some experienceable fact caught under the determinate form of conceptualization, are reflected in Hegel's first two conceptions of necessity, "formal" and "relative" (or "real"), respectively.
In "Total Eclipse," the speaker is so comfortable in the everyday world that a glimpse of reality--even just the actual, experienceable speed of the Moon-is terrifying.
not of consistency between an absolute reality and the mind's copies of it, but of actually felt consistency among judgments, objects, and habits of reacting, in the mind's own experienceable world?
When the text is read as recapitulated above, in an existential vein and as an acoustic event, God is experienceable as approaching and as "presencing" himself intratextually.

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