experienced hand

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Ned Land, his body thrown a little back, brandished the harpoon in his experienced hand.
The hunter of the grizzly bear, however, must be an experienced hand, and know where to aim at a vital part; for of all quadrupeds, he is the most difficult to be killed.
He is an experienced hand at the work, as he has had for years a launch of his own on the Thames, and another on the Norfolk Broads.
I told those who doubted the wisdom of the plan that I knew that our first buildings would not be so comfortable or so complete in their finish as buildings erected by the experienced hands of outside workmen, but that in the teaching of civilization, self-help, and self-reliance, the erection of buildings by the students themselves would more than compensate for any lack of comfort or fine finish.
So far, however, from rushing upon somebody who offered no resistance and implored his mercy, Mr Quilp was no sooner in the arms of the individual whom he had taken for his wife than he found himself complimented with two staggering blows on the head, and two more, of the same quality, in the chest; and closing with his assailant, such a shower of buffets rained down upon his person as sufficed to convince him that he was in skilful and experienced hands.
Her last proceeding was to put on the quiet gray cloak which she had brought from Birmingham, and which had been padded inside by Captain Wragge's own experienced hands, so as to hide the youthful grace and beauty of her back and shoulders.
The conduct of the criminal investigation has been left in the experienced hands of Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, who is following up the clues with his accustomed energy and sagacity.
The former Fiji and ex-Auckland provincial coach had been snapped up by the Scarlets for next season as the experienced hand they were seeking to aid 38-year-old Easterby.
Pritchard has brought the Mississippi Delta to life in the character of Junior Ray with a masterful, fluid, and experienced hand.
As for another experienced hand, Nikola Zigic, there remains no timescale for his return from a back problem.
In addition to generating coursework evidence the participants experienced hand, arm or Indian Head massage whilst listening to relaxation music in the newly opened Hair and Beauty Salon.
Media Award winner and a long-time travel writer who is especially passionate about British Columbia, so it's no surprise a wonderful guide to the wilderness area of Whistler comes from his experienced hand.