experienced person

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Now, papa," said Clara that morning, wrinkling her brows and putting her finger-tips together with the air of an experienced person of business, "I want to have a talk to you about money matters.
said the matron, putting away her book with the unconcerned resignation of an experienced person who foresees a storm in a teacup.
Losberne was with them, and would be for the next two days; but Rose was too well acquainted with the excellent gentleman's impetuosity, and foresaw too clearly the wrath with which, in the first explosion of his indignation, he would regard the instrument of Oliver's recapture, to trust him with the secret, when her representations in the girl's behalf could be seconded by no experienced person.
They were of the view that at a time when the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Khyber Agency were returning, the area needs a more experienced person as APA with full knowledge of the area traditions.
I was wondering if any reader could suggest a possible experienced person who could carry this out.
This is a great business for either an experienced person or a person starting out.
The chairman first and foremost is a really experienced person.
Third, find an experienced person who will help you try out your desires.
Rashid said an experienced person like Younis was needed to guide young players.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan is bounded to appoint a professional, highly qualified, internationally recognized educationist and well experienced person for the post of HEC Head.
Mentoring, in a nutshell, is a unique relationship between an experienced person in your organization and a less experienced person hungry to soak up their healthcare information technology (HCIT) knowledge like a dry sponge.
Yemen's Ministry of Corruption Ousted president, Ali Abdullah Saleh was the master mind behind the establishment; given the fact that he is the most experienced person not only in the whole country but in the country's entire history.