experienced personnel

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DoD has improved its adaptation in other operational capabilities by leveraging valuable combat experienced personnel.
Banks have the least experienced personnel to assist small and medium-size companies with this type of financing.
You may never see the person that negotiated the account again-they may subcontract or pass off the work to less experienced personnel.
A test laboratory for chemico-physical properties with experienced personnel has been set up for monitoring the required characteristics of the company's products.
The practice aid, Assessing the Effect on a Firm's System of Quality Control Due to a Significant Increase in New Clients and/or Experienced Personnel, is available at www.
CACI's experienced personnel also provide program security and a reduced learning curve for new projects, assuring projects are completed effectively and on time.
The audit team assigned to observe inventories should be led by capable, experienced personnel who are familiar with the client and its operations; the greater the risk, the greater the experience needed.
Recognizing the difficulty in obtaining trained melters, the division has undertaken this effort with the goals of assisting foundries in the orientation and training of new personnel and in updating experienced personnel.
One avenue for DOTs to have access to experienced personnel is to hire consultants who have career construction experts on staff, some of whom are former senior DOT practitioners.
Their lack of experienced personnel and specific market knowledge quickly begin to work against them.