experienced view

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EXPERIENCED VIEW 2012 title winner Danny Ventre says it is Dundalk's Premiership to lose as they're getting luck
From hunting, fishing, mining, being a soldier and academic, he brings an experienced view of life to it all.
Having over 40 years' service working for two counties, including 22-plus years with Lane County, I feel I have a more than experienced view of county government funding requirements.
"She will give an experienced view of violence in our society from the point of view of offenders and the children affected by violence."
The real criterion Tom and Kitty use (whether or not they know it or admit it) is their own experienced view of what a secretary of labor with my values and aspirations should choose to see and hear.
These travellers were slightly different than many, in as much as they were all over the age of 50, so it was experienced views that I was hearing.
Get some experienced views from people within our sport who have actually been involved, not text-book-wielding latecomers.