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When I lived at home with papa and mama, I really should have hardly understood what the word meant, in the sense in which I now employ it, but experientia does it, - as papa used to say.
Sodano, C-18 Hydroxy Steroids from the Mediterranean gorgonian Leptogorgia sarmentosa, Experientia, 40, 246 (1984).
Summary: Digitalisation and big data are transforming banking from being transactional to being experientia
Si enim qui civitati praeest sapientes et experientia doctos in consilium adhibeat, in unum evadet quasi hominem multos pedes, multas manus, multosque oculos habentem.
It is all summed up in the old Latin phrase - experientia docet - experience teaches.
23) Yet as van t Spijker clarifies, at this stage 'the word experientia does not necessarily have the same connotations of irreducible authenticity and subjectivity as its modern counterpart, but is closely connected to cogitatio, and affectus'.
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1963, "The effect of sodium nitrate on RBC glutathione," Experientia, 19, pp 96-97.
Horum autem annorum experientia ostendit, e contra, novam hanc legem pastoralia problemata haud pauca genuisse.
Carlisle Park was the scene of the battles, staged by Time Bandits, Northern Historic and Tempus Experientia, who also entertained crowds with mock public hangings and traditional hiring fairs in the Market Place.