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Howard Bloom, an economist at New York University, calls such experimental design "the most powerful existing methodology for measuring the impacts of social programs.
Positive attitudes expressed on surveys and continued willingness to show up for experiments do not reassure Ortmann and Hertwig that participants accept experimental situations and researchers' directions at face value.
Air sampling pumps were placed on the melter, pourer and in the melting/pouring area during the experimental runs of the alloys.
In principle this new type of EDM experiment can achieve three orders of magnitude improvement in the experimental limit for the neutron EDM in conjunction with the proposed Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).
Most of your experimental airplanes have something special about them - they're like nothing else,'' he said.
Data were summarized and given to the experimental teachers in profiles representing class means of students' actual and preferred environment scores.
In the first category, the experimental students' scores outnumbered the control group's: 15 effective markers vs.
The FCC is also expected to evaluate the results of the experimental operation in considering Mtel's Pioneer's Preference request.
Modified bitumen performs much better than neat bitumen in all the experimental range investigated.
In a previous WIDERAngle, we focused on the contributions and limits of experimental methods in the study of government performance, building on preliminary findings from UNU-WIDER's project on this topic.
Attenuated influenza produced by experimental intranasal inoculation.

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