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Speed and accuracy are essential with procedures involving experimental animals in germ-free facilities.
Treatment with EPs[R] 7630 had no effect on body weight or weight development in the experimental animals (Table 1).
For those agents, we must use other means such as the drug's chemical characteristics and experimental animal data to determine the magnitude of risk they pose to the fetus and nursing infant.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has concluded that there is sufficient evidence for the carcinogenicity of crystalline silica to experimental animals and limited evidence for the carcinogenicity of crystalline silica to humans.
Emphasis is on toxicologic studies in experimental animals where mechanisms have been most thoroughly investigated, but the relationship of results from animal studies will be made to toxicologic lesions in man.
We want to measure the metabolic activity of the animals, and to evaluate its influence on purchase of tartu university faculty of medicine, pathophysiology department and other departments indirect calorimetry research in experimental animals, and the environment of the chamber system according to the specifications set forth in the tender documents.
Phthalates, ubiquitous chemicals used in consumer products, are known reproductive toxicants in experimental animals, but human data are limited.
In particular, it focuses on the mechanism leading to cell death in the nervous system by using different tests based on cell cultures, experimental animals, human brains coming from demised people suffering these diseases and living patients' samples.
This book describes an imaging system used in electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) measurements of experimental animals such as rats and mice.
Calorie restriction extends life span in experimental animals, and has been associated with numerous health benefits in humans.
The research showing that experimental animals receiving both antibiotics and stomach-acid suppressants colonized large numbers of drug-resistant intestinal bacteria ("Do acid blockers let microbes reach the colon?
6], a conserved immunodominant region of the VlsE lipoprotein, wanes rapidly after antibiotic treatment of Borrelia burgdorferi infection in experimental animals and in humans.

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