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For each agent being evaluated, the process begins with separate evaluations of the evidence of cancer in humans and cancer in experimental animals, each choosing one of four descriptors: "sufficient evidence," "limited evidence," "inadequate evidence," or "evidence suggesting lack of carcinogenicity" (for definitions of these terms, see IARC 2004).
Simultaneously with the telemetry implant must mini-pumps for drugs infusions in an experimental animal (mouse) can be implanted without the need to be further surgery the animal re-filled and programmed after implantation.
Soldin addresses an important issue that was not fully developed in my editorial (Zoeller 2003a), specifically, the description of thyroid status in experimental animals designed to model human conditions.
Scientists are finding ways to run tests and conduct research using fewer experimental animals.
Recently, he and his colleagues have used RNA interference to suppress the replication of these viruses in cell culture and in experimental animals.
Contract award: services: breeding, care and maintenance of experimental animals - from technical specialist enclosures - cleaning of the premises.
processes, 3) hazardous metabolites of the above substances or their breakdown products formed in humans or experimental animals, and 4) chemicals with structural similarity to hazardous substances found at Superfund sites.
He said that to suppress cancer growth in experimental animals high-antioxidant green tea leaves are extracted with deionized hot water shielded from atmospheric oxygen in an Erlenmeyer flask.
combined pet and ct images without rearrangement of the experimental animals
SELDI is being investigated for potential use in serum biomarker development and classification of control and toxicant-exposed experimental animals.
MVA is a weakened strain of cowpox that does not replicate in human cells, but can induce an immune response in vaccinated experimental animals and humans.
will be used for in vivo imaging of tissues, organs, molecular markers in small experimental animals on the principle of fluorescence, bioluminescence and x-rays.

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