experimental method

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The program in comparison with the experimental method gives the possibility to study each component of the entire system separately, to undertake a thorough investigation, to identify which are the weak points, and to find some solutions.
Coverage includes background, experimental methods, examples of genetic analyses, and advanced material relevant to current applications.
Azar is a frequent speaker and lecturer in analytical and experimental methods in electronics cooling.
Forty-three contributions are organized into sections on the microstructures of novel composite materials, of ceramics and advanced materials, of alloys, and of cements and cement-based materials; experimental methods, including imaging and analysis, thermal analysis, mechanical characterization and testing, and new methods; and computational methods, including discrete computational methods, damage mechanics, and innovative techniques.
Chapter 3 discusses dimensional analysis, the concept of small-scale model tests, and conventional experimental methods.
General topics include computational and experimental methods, experimental and computational analysis, fluid flow, salts in porous materials, heat transfer, structural and stress analysis, experiment and analysis of reinforced concrete members, structural dynamics, dynamics and vibrations, detection and signal processing, advances in measurements and experiments and industrial applications.
This also includes the ability to identify the development targets where our customers are especially encouraged to go through experiments, and the ability to make feasible presentations and plans for experimental methods or other new ways of working.
Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase and Complex Flow IX
The AAAI Feigenbaum Prize is awarded biennially to recognize and encourage outstanding artificial intelligence research advances that are made by using experimental methods of computer science.
s Visual Assay allows scientists to capture experimental methods in real time and communicate it to improve reproducibility.
It said it had introduced improvements, including an extension to annexes in papers that detail experimental methods used in research, and using statistical advisors to check data.
They cover what research is and why linguists do it, critical reading and writing, questionnaires in interpreting research, ethnographic research on interpreting, discourse analysis in interpreting research, experimental methods in interpreting research, research on interpreting education and assessment, and conducting and disseminating interpreting research.

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