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YNP wolves were managed as a non-essential, experimental population, but lands within YNP are protected and relatively undeveloped; human-caused mortality was low compared to deaths caused by intraspecific conflicts (Mitchell et al.
Part III addresses the legislative intent behind section 10(j), which established the experimental population provision, reads section 10(j) in the context of the entire ESA, and analyzes how the experimental population provision and its corresponding regulations operate.
formosa from replicated experimental populations composed of one of five different genetic stocks.
Epidemiology of anther-smut infection of Silene alba caused by Ustilago violacea: patterns of spore deposition in experimental populations.
The experimental population lost seed from significantly more clumps and transects than did the natural dipterocarp community.
All of the field work presented here was conducted in an experimental population of Lythrum salicaria that was established in 1993 at the Darling Center in Walpole, Maine, for the purpose of quantifying selection on flowering time and estimating quantitative genetic parameters for phenological characters (O'Neil 1997).
The threatened designation, which now applies to all gray wolves in the lower 48 states except for those in the Southwest, is accompanied by special rules to allow some take of wolves outside the experimental population areas in the northern Rocky Mountains.
The Huia seed had a greater hundred-seed weight than any other seed lot included in these studies (data not presented) and it germinated more rapidly and uniformly than any experimental population or Brown Loam.
During that period, I provisioned fresh fruit to each experimental population each week except during the week each month in which I sampled P.
To compare susceptibility among plants from the healthy populations with plants from the experimental populations, plants from each experimental population were also transplanted within the populations of origin.

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