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Beal's narrative closes by returning to Darmstadt where she seems to propose that, with Thomas' retirement and the accession of a new director, Friedrich Hommel, the more widespread acceptance in West Germany of American experimentalism as an important and viable area of compositional endeavor could return to Darmstadt, in the figure of Feldman in 1984 and 1986 and Cage himself in 1990.
The remainder of the stories emerge from Vallejo's unique brand of Latin-American experimentalism, with a Kafkaesque flair that's especially evident in "The Caynas," a story which features a character whose entire family believes they are monkeys.
Drawing material from right across the expansive FZ back catalogue - there have been a staggering 105 official albums released to date, some posthumously - the band will play tracks ranging from radio-friendly rock fare such as I'm The Slime and Montana, to the big band jazz tropes of Big Swifty, by way of wilful experimentalism of Dupree's Paradise.
Interestingly, the authors characterize Franklin Roosevelt's approach in the New Deal as "pragmatic experimentalism.
The trio's first five albums, "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" (1970), "Tarkus" (1971), "Pictures at an Exhibition" (1971), "Trilogy" (1972) and "Brain Salad Surgery" (1973), set the standard for the progressive rock genre, with pristine production, a pronounced level of experimentalism and a high level of musicianship.
For their tenth studio album, The Cult have left the experimentalism and art rock of the Nineties and early 2000s behind and revived the soaring choruses and stadium-friendly riffs of their classic early albums.
The Co-Op Communique Volume One features a list of musical genres and performers that reflect the variety found in popular music, from the heartland rock of Jeff Elbel + Ping and the power pop of The Click Beetles, to the arena rock of The Gamble, the industrial sound of Dann Gunn, and the found-sound experimentalism of Justin Vellucci.
Other recent vocal works demonstrating the far-reaching experimentalism of the composer's work include Breathtails (13 Songs in 21 Breaths) for baritone, shakuhachi, and string quartet, and the one-woman cyborgopera, Sucktion.
Only afterwards, he said, "they came back to their experimentalism.
At the heart of Brown's argument is his commitment to understanding with historical specificity the attraction of modernist experimentalism for a range of Caribbean writers who were commited to giving literary expression to the hitherto unwritten lives of Caribbean peoples at home and abroad.
Dada also aspired to erase the leftover utopias," Madra continues, adding that the most important example of this was to convert art from being a component of national culture into a metropolitan phenomenon, based on the experimentalism of industrial society.
All this distant experimentalism is elegantly revived in this presentation: The show includes two installations by Sonnier from 1970; a smallish latex and flocking piece hand-rolled, as it were, off the wall from 1967; and several period films and videos dating from 1969 to 1977.

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