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Kyoung-Shin Choi is a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and an experimentalist.
I collaborate with both theorists and experimentalists to extract useful information from large sets of protein sequence data.
The experimentalists cheer and pop champagne bottles; the theorists, tuning in from Princeton, clap too, but quickly get busy revising old theories and devising new ones.
Brennan was one of the first, if not the first, to show that light flashes occur after the minimum radius in that experiment, and if the experimentalists in the field have known that this occurs, and eliminated that data because the data did not appear to be consistent with theory, then that kind of behavior reveals a great deal to us about the status of experimental physics today.
The judges are looking for chefs, coffee aficionados, amazing young mixologists, experimentalists, bakers and street-food enthusiasts to enter.
It is a dangerous game the Utopian experimentalists are playing in trying to erase a nation's identity and replace it with racial diversity in every corner of its constitution without considering that without the presence of patriotism, which holds together a country's social fabric, it would see widespread disenchantment that give rise to the
This grassroots effort brought together experimentalists, astronomers, and computational scientists to identify the major puzzles at this intersection of laboratory physics and space science, and to map out new strategies for better understanding the plasma universe.
Seventeenth-century experimentalists reacted to the dangers of rhetorical bewitchment by creating "a philosophy of style, by which the esoteric could be talked about, but not invoked, intimated, or otherwise involved" (204).
It differs from other textbooks on quantum electronics in that the material is more oriented towards the interests of atomic physics experimentalists as opposed to, say, workers in the telecommunications industry.
We assembled the necessary expertise and experimentalists to build a novel apparatus to measure the reaction.
Radical experimentalists criticize the use of intuitions in philosophy altogether and they have been mostly attacked.
But these new experimentalists were creating a music that, while it took a great deal of inspiration from Miles, also fed on the kind of new stuff the young knob-twiddling nerds were creating, and also used the beats of hip-hop.