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This scholarly collaborative of articles focuses on a new avenue of research--artistic experimentation in music.
The CBL experimentation support deal is hope to render outcomes in the manner of experiments, assessments, reviews and network help, that will estimate proposed and new solutions to resolve known capability gaps under all regions of cyber electromagnetic activities, comprising the cyberspace operations and electronic warfare force advancement lines of attempt.
Sabic will benefit from a unique R&D environment with dedicated high throughput experimentation laboratories and specialised personnel.
SABIC will benefit from a "unique R&D environment with dedicated high throughput experimentation laboratories and specialized personnel.
Enable in-class, or at-home hands-on experimentation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and electronics & Linux computing
A process of experimentation must be present, including systematic trial-and-error associated with the development or improvement of the product and/or process.
Biological experimentation can be error prone," Dr Zauner added.
Trident Warrior's focus on at-sea experimentation expands capabilities by consolidating multiple streams of information into a secure environment so the warfighter can make the best tactical decision while in theater.
The book seeks to develop a social ethic of animal experimentation in biomedicine in general and in research involving genetically modified animals in particular.
McFerrin appealed to the Fifth Circuit, which held that the lower court had improperly examined the taxpayers' research activities because it failed to apply the guidance of the regulations concerning the meaning of "discovery of information" and "process of experimentation.
Animal experimentation is not curing diseases and never will for the following reasons:
Although experimentation causes near-term outcomes to deteriorate, it speeds learning and improves outcomes in the longer run.