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After participants provided consent, the experimenter proceeded by placing clothespins on the index and pinky fingers of each of the participant's hands.
After the setbacks, children asked "to help" were just as likely to help in challenging situations that benefited only the experimenter as in easy situations that also benefited themselves.
Experimenter Gallery will host the seventh edition of the Experimenter Curators' Hub (ECH) at its space in Kolkata, India, from July 27 to 29.
Virtually all discussions of fraud in parapsychology describe the Levy case as the most definitive evidence of experimenter fraud.
The PAN1740 Experimenter kit, available from Mouser Electronics, consists of a Dialog DA14580 motherboard and three PAN1740 daughter boards, plus all required cables.
In two subsequent experiments using the same design, the experimenter left the room after placing the food, and the degrees of illumination were varied.
Milgram made his name in the more permissive, laissez-faire era of university-sponsored scientific research, and it's one of "Experimenter's" throughlines that, just because Milgram may have employed some scientifically questionable methods, that doesn't invalidate the merit of his data.
No such effect was seen in the presence of female experimenters. The response is believed to be caused by pheromones in male sweat.
During the games, the experimenter left children alone in the room for 90 seconds, pretending to attend a phone call.
Perry examines notes and archived audio tapes to piece together an accurate account of the experimenter's methodology.
Of the original set of stimuli, 10 descriptors were assigned to each of four conditions created by combining the two within-subjects variables, source (I, You) and referent (about me, about you): I--about me (participant reads descriptor about participant), I--about you (participant reads descriptor about experimenter), You--about me (experimenter reads descriptor about participant), You--about you (experimenter reads descriptor about experimenter).
The importance of considering experimenter effects on outcomes in experimental studies dates back to the work of Rosenthal (1966), who documented the influence of a variety of experimenter characteristics (e.g., sex, ethnicity, attire, warmth) on study outcomes.