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An international team of pain researchers led by scientists at McGill University in Montreal found that the presence of male experimenters produced a stress response in mice and rats equivalent to that caused by restraining the rodents for 15 minutes in a tube or forcing them to swim for three minutes.
In some laboratories, experimenters wear laboratory coats and interact with participants in superficial and distant manners, and in other laboratories, interactions between experimenter and participant are more casual and experimenter attire less professional.
First, all the experimenters were male, secondly, they did most if not all their work alone or with one or two 'assistants' and three, all the experiments were done between c.
Now, experimenters in Switzerland have found a way to provide the complete color palette.
By day 14, none of the monkeys was imitating the experimenters.
After everyone has completed making their decisions, the monitor will select at random one of the allocation problems and the experimenters will carry out the decisions made for that allocation problem for all subjects.
The active experimenters take a cursory look at the instructions, then move quickly to put the pieces together: "Why worry about a few leftover pieces?
The first animal patents occurred under the banner of medical research, with experimenters touting the benefits to humankind.
Experimenters considered three days, seven days and 21 days as alternative test periods.
Nautilus Horizon offers automated mission integration ensuring that these distributed commands are sent by authorized individuals, that experimenters are not in conflict with one another, and that the specific commands will not adversely impact critical station keeping and health and welfare of the flight hardware.