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Is cohabitation ad experimentum a pastoral reality in your particular Church?
As the following story evolves, the reader encounters an ingenious but ruthless and cruel trial, a veritable experimentum crucis, to which Abraham is subjected.
6) Macedonia faces high unemployment (35%) (7), the experimentum macedonicum dilemma, disagreements with neighbours, the name issue with Greece (Macedonia's Greekness & Greeks' Macedonianness), (8) antiquisation, the church issue with Serbia, that of language with Bulgaria, broken interethnic relations (between Macedonians and Albanians), a chapter that was thought to be over with the interethnic conflict of 2001 and the Framework Agreement which implied constitutional changes in favor of non-Macedonian ethnic groups and communities that however failed to bring conclusive peace.
Nesse papel, as personagens tambem se veem as voltas com o experimentum da linguagem.
Therefore the key probe, experimentum crucis, will be PLANCK, which targets the density of the field at the 2nd Lagrange point.
Its statutes, approved by the Holy See ad experimentum in 1972, were amended several times and were also approved again each time by the Holy See.
Instead I was collaborating in the text's staging of an experimentum linguae the nature and extent of which needed to be ascertained by repeated readings.
experientia et experimentum mortis, acquisto di altro insondabile" (100).
This I would therefore humbly propose, as an experimentum crucis, by which the ideal system must stand or fall; and it brings the matter to a short issue; extension, figure, motion, may, any one, or all of them, be taken for the subject of this experiment.
71) The *per/*fer root has given experimentum and periculum, the adjective peritus and Germanic/Anglo-Saxon words such as erfahren (to learn), fern (distant), Fahrt (voyage), Erfahrung (exploration), bewandert (proficient), fare, and fear.

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