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Drawing on global experience and local expertise, the latest systems and access to the best practices from around the world, HSBC's Custody and Clearing is unquestionably Getting Real in Brazil.
Until such collaborative meetings occur, stakeholders will lack full awareness of their own resources and expertise.
The edge to Picasso's The Aficionado of 1912 depends on the Spanish artist's claim to superior expertise in the art of the corrida over the simple enthusiasm of his depicted subject for the inferior Provencal version.
This certification helps demonstrate to our customers the extent of our Microsoft expertise and relationship as well as the compatibility of the SolarWinds network management products with Microsoft environments.
The Custom Development Solution Competency provides partners with a way to showcase their expertise delivering custom-built solutions to customers, enhancing partners' revenue opportunities and positioning them for growth.
The Software Asset Management specialization validates Centennial's SAM expertise and highlights the company's proven track record in delivering strong licensing and diplomatic skills to help customers understand and address compliance and IT asset management issues.
Weinstein continued, "We have known and worked together on projects with the outstanding team from Theralys and have always been impressed with their scientific expertise, experience in medical imaging and dedication to excellence.
IT Service Management expertise provides the administration and management needed for high-performance in daily operations.
There are some obvious features that affect ease of entry into a specialty remember that we are still thinking of the attainment of expertise as it would be judged by already established practitioners).
Under Pierce, special factors that would trigger fee enhancement included "identifiable practice specialt[ies]" and expertise.
Successful redevelopment of brownfield sites requires real estate professionals with the environmental expertise and financial capacity to support these projects through what are often long-term remediation and redevelopment processes.