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In his account, expertise never lived easily in democracy.
It is the intention of the Tucson Unified School District to purchase professional services to assist the District with the implementation of a District-wide systemic plan to develop the leadership capacity of school principals and the instructional expertise of its teachers.
HSBC's team of custody professionals possess cross border investment expertise that exceeds an average of seven years each in the Brazilian market, a critical factor in achieving the highest levels of servicing performance in securities services.
This expertise proves helpful when identifying and using nonsworn university resources in support of cybercrime investigations, and it can smooth the way toward a successful investigation.
The foregoing examples strongly suggest the need for a horizontal term that cuts across the presumed vertical division between fine art and the vernacular: Analysis needs instead to focus on the question of expertise and where it might lie.
The Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Circuits have interpreted it to allow an enhancement when the attorneys have specialized expertise in a particular area of law; see Raines, 44 F3d 1355 1361 (7th Cir.
Successful redevelopment of brownfield sites requires real estate professionals with the environmental expertise and financial capacity to support these projects through what are often long-term remediation and redevelopment processes.
Under the alliance, CA and I-Storm say they will use their combined expertise to create powerful eBusiness solutions for brick-and-mortar companies that want to make the transition quickly to "click and mortar" and that are willing to share equity.
Interdisciplinarity must, at the very least, involve the use of the knowledge and skill involved in two specialties from different disciplines, and for the moment we will assume that the interesting cases are those involving the application of expertise in the two specialties, not an insider's knowledge of one specialty and an outsider's knowledge of a second.
Procurement Establish the Technical Documentation Phase Technical Expertise and or Dali Objectives: Lot 1: Technical Expertise and Advisory Documentation Intervention Works for the ~Modernization Dj 504 Lim.

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