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Thesis of elder expertness of propagation and edication of agriculture field, Tarbiat Modarres university.
care, its consistency, formality, and relative expertness, and to the
by reference to an appreciation of the qualities of expertness for decision that the administrative may possess"); cf.
As Table 3 reveals, there was a positive relationship between general intentions to seek counseling services and tolerance for stigma and expertness beliefs.
This is practically impossible in the initial years when expertness are high as against returns Hence retention from 30-40 am 25--30 per cent of sales proceed should be allowed for an exporting company having sales up to $ 10 million and more than $10 million respectively.
Eight 7-point adjective scales (anchored at 1=not at all, and 7=very) were used to measure participants' evaluation of Web pages' credibility, in which the credibility dimension of trustworthiness included five items: accurate, complete, unbiased, responsible, and trustworthy; the credibility dimension of expertness included three items: expert, important, and wise.
More modern conceptions of ethos expand the concept beyond the text to include the audience's perception of the speaker, or the "source credibility," such as his or her "intentions, expertness, and trustworthiness" (Jasinski 2001).
Effects of counselor disability status on disabled subject's perceptions of counselor attractiveness and expertness.
its agency to have was an expertness that would fit it to stop at the
President said that Pakistan has decided to avail Chinese expertness in fields of agriculture, industry, housing and energy sectors.