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Now you should be able to identify the aural bond shared by anyone, aviate, beaten, before, benign, canine, deviate, eaten, emanate, and expiate.
It is as if the mother cow seeks to expiate the sin committed through her offspring.
It seems a common belief that by donating to the Church or maintaining close relations with certain members of the hierarchy, one can obtain divine pardon and expiate one's sins.
It was an important reminder that the nation has yet to expiate the sins of slavery and segregation.
Ruthless when making their money they were however munificent philanthropists in later life perhaps to expiate their guiltAccording to Carnegie the capitalist should aim to give away his fortune during his lifetime.
Regarding the call by deviant groups to expiate others and killing all minorities, in addition to Muslims, Al-Jubeir cited the rejection of senior Saudi Ulemas and Sheikhs of such moves, as Islam and all other faith values call for clemency, tolerance and justice.
The guilty need a saviour, someone to forgive, expiate and reconcile.
We have appealed to the expiate Pakistanis to help us in different departments, especially education" said Malik, adding that he met Taha Qureshi during his recent visit of London where Taha promised to provide scholarship to students of Balochistan, which he has fulfilled today.
The reward one gets for fasting on this blessed day, the Prophet said, as recorded in Saheeh Muslim: "For fasting on the day of Ashoora, I expect from Allah that He will expiate the sins on the year before it.
Add to that a president who needed to expiate his sins against the LGBT community, still recoiling from the double whammy of DOMA and "don't ask, don't tell," and Shepard's posthumous status as gay martyr was sealed.
ALLH Almighty bestows favours and grants bounties upon His slaves, during all times, to help expiate their sins, elevate their ranks and make up for their shortcomings.
To save man and safeguard the rights of justice and mercy, God sent his only Son into the world to atone for and expiate sin in our stead.