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Many souls spend a long time in purgatory expiating them with unbearable sufferings, the most torturous of which is the privation of the vision of God.
I hope to return to society after expiating my wrongdoing,'' Tashiro, clad in a black suit, told the court in his final statement prior to the ruling.
Al-Ghussain accused members of the group of having deviant ideologies, of expiating the population of Gaza and of carrying out several attacks against wedding parties and cafE[umlaut]s.
Their topics include the Holocaust and public service, from Mittelbau-Dora and Peenemunde to the Marshall Space Flight Center, public policy and administrative evil, Abu Ghraib and torture policy, and expiating evil within a framework of public ethics.
arguments which construe the offender's death as expiating his or her objective guilt before God must be rejected as inconsistent with New Testament teaching on atonement.
Ford, on the other hand, has been run by an untalented aristocracy bent on expiating the sins of its founder even if it meant the death of the company he built.
Who knows whether I am not expiating the sins of others?