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Because Augustine held, against the Pelagian view, that all men would continue to struggle with sin and corruption throughout their pilgrimage through this veil of tears, they needed a regular way of expiating their small-scale sins, and the expiatory work of Christ was apparently not sufficient.
There's Erap, too, raising Bongbong's right hand-the first president impeached from office and convicted of plunder, who should have been expiating in prison for his crookedness while in Malacanang but for the Machiavellian pardon granted him by another widely perceived corrupt president.
He said those "terrorist" groups claim the caliphate is one of the Sunni assets, and is expiating several Muslim victims by killing them.
Waged the wrongful war against the modern Babylon, Resuming the ancient Crusades, Expiating all his greatest sins with bloodshed and fire, So that he pleases Jesus!
Although claiming his "insatiable" loves know no guilt, he asks at one point, "What sin am I expiating?" Well, more than 650,000 Italian soldiers died in WWI, which I would have thought a sufficient answer.
Many souls spend a long time in purgatory expiating them with unbearable sufferings, the most torturous of which is the privation of the vision of God.
''I hope to return to society after expiating my wrongdoing,'' Tashiro, clad in a black suit, told the court in his final statement prior to the ruling.