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He said those "terrorist" groups claim the caliphate is one of the Sunni assets, and is expiating several Muslim victims by killing them.
o There are nine chapters with introduction and overview: the dynamics of evil and administrative evil; compliance, technical rationality, and administrative evil; administrative evil unmasked: the Holocaust and public service; administrative evil masked: from Mittelbau-Dora and PeenemEnde to the Marshall Space Flight Center; organizational dynamics and administrative evil: the Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA, and the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia; public policy and administrative evil; administrative evil in the twenty-first century: Abu Ghraib, moral inversion, and torture policy; administrative evil and public ethics in praetorian times; afterword: expiating evil and administrative evil.
However, exploring the areas of injustice that we indulge in with impunity to the vulnerable around us and expiating for it with acts of justice is the real test of Lent.
Waged the wrongful war against the modern Babylon, Resuming the ancient Crusades, Expiating all his greatest sins with bloodshed and fire, So that he pleases Jesus
Lessig's insistently forward-thinking--or, we might say, contemporary--approach to copyright law is strongly linked with his newest project: extirpating, if not expiating, the systemic corruption of the U.
Many souls spend a long time in purgatory expiating them with unbearable sufferings, the most torturous of which is the privation of the vision of God.
I hope to return to society after expiating my wrongdoing,'' Tashiro, clad in a black suit, told the court in his final statement prior to the ruling.
Al-Ghussain accused members of the group of having deviant ideologies, of expiating the population of Gaza and of carrying out several attacks against wedding parties and cafE[umlaut]s.