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When making a resolution, especially something casual like a new year resolution that one may not follow through with, it is important to make sure that one is not entering themselves into a vow or oath, unless they are sure that they can keep their resolution and are prepared to offer expiation if they can't keep it.
It takes from Christianity a certain feeling for guilt and expiation, but atonement is not to be made to God, or even to humanity as a community of brothers and sisters under a Father.
The Two Holy Mosques and their courtyards were overflowing with the faithful who came to offer Isha and the special night prayers of Taraweeh and Qiyamullail, seeking Allah's infinite blessings, expiation of sins and forgiveness, Saudi Gazette reported.
But, if his asthma continues till his death, there is no make up nor expiation on him, because he did not break the fast out of negligence.
In this is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as expiation for our sins.' The love that locates us is the love that is merciful and patient, a love that incarnates atonement and redemption in our reception of each other, in the likeness of the heart of Jesus Christ who is the heart of God.
'FDE and college principal were also called for expiation but the occupant was given relief by the CDA,' said the official.
Twelve rules of expiation with forfeiture (nissaggiyapdcittiya), (2)
New measures to target fine dodgers who refuse to pay overdue fines and expiation fees have passed State Parliament.
The HC simultaneously ordered the City Hospital authorities to donate Tk 5,000 to Anzuman Mafidul Islam as expiation of its inhuman decision saying its refusal to hand over the body was an act of human rights violation.
When we pray with contrite hearts, we realize our mistakes and wrongdoing and the atonement and expiation that we have to make.
The amount to be paid as expiation for breaking the fast is fixed at Rs6000 (equal to serving 60 destitutes) whereas if someone was unable to fast during the entire month of Ramazan he or she should pay Rs3000 as Fidya (compensation).
screenwriter finds expiation in a deserted back-lot church in rural New Mexico.