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From the Calvinist perspective of a "limited atonement," then, one could continue to maintain the validity of the expiatory rationale for the death penalty: Jesus' death makes expiation for the sins of "the elect," but others still need to make expiation for their own sins by their own deaths.
Then he went to the German embassy in Paris and shot, as an expiatory victim, the diplomat who received him, the embassy counsellor, Ernst vom Rath; vom Rath died of his wounds two days later.
They face several accusations, including embracing deviant expiatory thinking that is contradictory to the Quran and Sunnah (prophet Mohammed's sayings and deeds), providing support to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, urging and helping some of their sons to travel abroad to join terrorist-led fighting abroad, joining an extremist group inside the country, using the media to support terror cells and provide shelter for some wanted men, keeping contact with deviant groups inside and outside the country, and other grave crimes.
Hamoudi, who is an official at the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC), expressed satisfaction with developments in Syria in the defeat of terrorist and expiatory forces; pointing out the desire Iran's newly elected President, Hasan Rouhani, to have serious dialogue with the West and neighboring countries that would make the area more stable.
16) If a priest could offer an expiatory sacrifice for sins, pleasing God, then the Mass would be a good work earning merit.
This expiatory and conciliatory force is what the author refers to when he says:
In the thick of the cold war, the trials, the search for expiatory victims, how could a figure as open to criticism as Lalmand have been left in place?
The expiatory symbolism of Sacre-Coeur has its ties, for example, to the Bourbon monarchy's message of repentance for revolutionary excesses, a political strategy that helped solidify the cult of the Sacred Heart (224).
The mob rule which overran the Parlement of Paris is closely observed by the chronicler, as are the huge expiatory processions, many of them involving children, which filled the streets of Paris by day and night.
In contrition I stood, and I hope the penance was expiatory.
87) There was no moment of the day when the victim soul was not cultivating self-denial: "All her trials, crosses, mortifications offered in union with the supreme Victim, will become purifying, expiatory and transforming, preparing her for the second principal part of her Mass--the consecration.
Tertullian emerges as the first Christian promoter of expiatory fasting.