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The aggrieved family held the doctor hostage and accused that he had administered an expired injection to Hamid.
George Bithos, Independent Ombudsman for State Supported Living Centers, whose term expired June 11, 2011.
The medicines in the medical stores of Poly Clinic, PIMS, Children Hospital, MCH and Burn Center are not available at the temperature of 30 centigrade due to which most of the medicines have lost its effects and the expired medicines are not beneficial for patients.
The AIIMS responded on Saturday, saying that no expired surgical consumable items were available or used in any of its patient care areas including the out-patient department, wards, casualty units and operation theatres.
We always receive expired or about to expire donations from other institutions.
BEIRUT: Holcim, an international concrete company, will provide an industrial incinerator to help dispose with Lebanon's lingering stores of expired food, Environment Ministry sources told The Daily Star Monday.
1 200 kg of expired meat and other food items were discovered recently in a large grocery chain, he said, speaking for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR.
A lot of Americans have expired over-the-counter medications in their medicine cabinet.
The teams will operate in all emirates to inspect companies that are violating regulations by having expired labour cards on their records.
MTNA President Paul Stewart, NCTM, left, recognized Division presidents whose terms of office expired at the end of the conference.
Accordingly, it concluded that if a taxpayer filed an amended return after the notification period had expired (i.
The decision handed down by the Supreme Court judge should now give tenants who drag their heels when it comes to vacating their space once the lease has expired pause for thought.