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explains the flight/fight response--how the body reacts to stress and how to let go of excessive tension; the internal sensors, the two types of muscles (voluntary and involuntary), the two systems of nerves in muscles and the two systems of muscle nerves, and how one develops bad habits when you have poor body alignment.
If you conduct business in China, Tweedie explains, you have to think about Chinese accounting standards, you have to learn them, and then you're concerned you missed something.
What works in one state may not be appropriate in another, Aspey explains.
It increases insulin sensitivity and makes the cells better at taking in glucose and processing it," explains I-Min Lee, an associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.
Explain why you think that this law is or isn't justified.
But as an adult actively engaged in social justice work, I now had few words in Creole to explain the things I was passionate about.
Although he explains "there is no wrong way to make a print," George Schaub (editorial director of Shutterbug and eDigital Photo magazines) guides you through every step of the process in Digital Black and White Printing.
That would explain why Asians carry much older stretches of DNA than Africans do.
These resources help explain the structure, functions, limitations, and utility of networks, and they provide an intellectual foundation upon which to build.
Explain how the paper industry is protecting the environment.
Given that blacks and whites have relatively little overlap in the schools they attend, differences in school quality could well explain why black students are losing ground.
36), "You can't explain metalcasting across a desk.