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All of these things Ostrinski explained, as also the principles of the party.
It would not do, Ostrinski explained, for the proletariat of one nation to achieve the victory, for that nation would be crushed by the military power of the others; and so the Socialist movement was a world movement, an organization of all mankind to establish liberty and fraternity.
just both sorts of vermouth and gin, and a dash of something to give it a flavour," Granet explained carelessly.
"The lady who was giving the luncheon--Lady Anselman--called and saw the manager about an hour ago," the man explained. "She has interested herself very much in the matter of Belgian refugees and is entertaining a great many of them at a house of hers near the seaside.
I have, however, been assured that a frog exists on the mountains of the great island of New Zealand; but I suspect that this exception (if the information be correct) may be explained through glacial agency.
The exceptions are few, and most of them can be explained. Thus the plants of Kerguelen Land, though standing nearer to Africa than to America, are related, and that very closely, as we know from Dr.
Oom Sam explained to the King that, owing to the sentiments of affection and admiration with which the white men regarded him, the three barrels should be made into four, whereupon his Majesty bluntly pronounced the audience at an end and waddled off into his Imperial abode.
The lawyer of former First Lady Imelda Marcos was given five days by the Sandiganbayan to explain his absence during the court's hearing for the motion filed by Mrs.
GROWING market research agency Explain has snapped up rival Wood Holmes and it is ambitious for further expansion in the New Year.
NEWCASTLE-based engagement and insights agency Explain has appointed a new quantitative market research executive to join its growing team.
The video is over 10 minutes long, with no boring moments--it takes that long to explain the complicated gun laws of the Garden State.
Yet, we accept them because they explain what our democracy stands for.