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Miss Evans said Bridger's account was a "lie" and added: "He was now coming up with a story to try and explain away April's disappearance and his role in that.
A WOMAN, who produced three human fingers in court in a bid to explain away her involvement in a pounds 925,000 tax credit fraud, was due to be sentenced today.
It is just another convenient way for a trainer to explain away a poor run, which the stewards will accept without hesitation, with the support of journalists.
SCIENTISTS came up with the ultimate excuse this week for overweight people everywhere to explain away their obesity.
They were in the company of our own world boxing champion Glenn McCrory and his American wife Miranda ( Glenn was their interpreter, if you like, the guy trying to explain away the total lack of exciting action.
Having talked to a five-year-old for a week about Dopey, Grumpy and Happy, it was hard to explain away - and no Hi Ho Hi Ho.
July 25: In a television series attempting to explain away the miracles of Jesus, the BBC suggests that his body was thrown to be eaten by dogs after his crucifixion.
George Allen has been spending the week trying to explain away his calling his opponent's aide ``macaca.
TOTTENHAM boss Martin Jol trying to explain away the unfortunate abbreviation of his brother's name.
And his arguments don't explain away the Vermont research, where dieters got no more protein than the dieters in Zemel's three studies.
Radano discovers in what he calls "resonances of racial absence" the formative influence of European travel writers, missionaries, and Jean Jacques Rousseau on creating ideas of the Primitive/Primal and of "Noise" to explain away to themselves the fact that their own European musical cultures, which they took to be superior to all others, seemed, strangely, to have had no influence in the other lands of the world.