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Romney himself attempted to explain away the contradiction to Boston newspapers two days after his Spartanburg speech: "My position is the same.
That is how health experts explain away the 949 NEW cases of MRSA in Scotland last year.
Consider this, from David Herbert Donald, the author of We Are Lincoln Men, who tries to explain away the mountain of evidence by quoting a single psychoanalyst: "My judgment is strongly influenced by the opinion of Charles B.
Hence, Stallone, rather than trying to explain away his Taliban-loving character in Rambo III, is in Miami writing the script for a proposed fourth Rambo film.
HOW can we explain away the fact that being the fourth largest economy after the USA, Japan and Germany, we still pay one of the lowest old age pension rates in Europe?
Naumann's scheme is indeed ingenious and appealing, yet there remain contradictions that are difficult to explain away.
There are various tricks and dodges you can try" to explain away those discrepancies, he says, "but it's really difficult.
McCullough sandpapers Adams' rough edges, and works too hard to explain away his uglier moments.
Despite the stark differences in their perspectives and approaches, Schaler's polemic, Addiction Is a Choice, and Marlowe's memoir, How to Stop Time: Heroin From A to Z, come to strikingly similar conclusions about the nature of addiction, a term that is hauled out with alarming frequency these days to explain away irresponsibility and justify paternalism.
The millions of years a message from earth would take to reach M13 may explain away a lot of theological issues, such as the problem of evil.
In any case, there are certainly a number of other candidates for a list of "Middle East madmen" that would be much harder to explain away and we will know real progress has been made in acquainting American readers with the realities of the Middle East when it is possible to include without fear of retribution (or lawsuits) the likes of Ariel Sharon among them.
His daughter, Shivaun O'Casey, in opposing a non-primary residence holdover proceeding, recently spun her own story in Civil Court, attempting to explain away both eyewitness testimony and documentary evidence placing her outside the New York apartment.