explain the meaning

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And 28% said that they couldn't explain the meaning of any of this jargon at all.
Worthy dictionaries explain the meaning of insidious as 'harmful' and in practise 'treacherous' and 'crafty',' bringing to mind the way in which the Tory UKIP leader has gather together people, some of whom in despair while others with false concerns, to muddy the political landscape to further his nefarious agenda of slowing the decline of Conservative politics.
For the time being, we are unable to explain the meaning of the maneuver," Novorossia agency quotes the militia headquarters report.
The Rev'd Bev Ramsden was on hand to explain the meaning of marriage in the Church and to lead the children through the service, ably assisted by Christian Cheesley, who was vicar-for-the-day.
Once the plan is finalized, we will explain the meaning of the new air defense zone to the US, China and Japan," a senior government official was quoted as saying.
Emirates' crew explain the meaning behind popular local phrases like aACAyDon't make an elephant out of a fly' (Russian), aACAyYou're so pretty it made a bang' (Cantonese) and aACAyYou're the cat's whiskers' (English).
I watched with my daughter so that I could properly explain the meaning of the word 'classic' Having to shake hands with hundreds of thousands of people a year for 60 years deserves to have a celebration.
The first film will explain the meaning of constitution in simpler terms.
Namely when my child asked me to explain the meaning behind lyrics like "Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up?
And if you'd like someone to explain the meaning of "how to win friends and influence people", perhaps you ought to ask Norwich Union.
The same children could then ask their English teacher (if that's ok with the Welsh language loonies) to explain the meaning of the word hypocrisy.
Classic models, including Honda monkey bikes and a Mk1 Civic, are set to take part in the displays, which will explain the meaning of The Power of Dreams, before bringing the audience up-to-date with performances from the company's range of products.