explain the meaning

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References in classic literature ?
To explain the meaning of the appellation, free trapper, it is necessary to state the terms on which the men enlist in the service of the fur companies.
said Miss Pross, "it doesn't need an interpreter to explain the meaning of these creatures.
Upon this I set myself to explain the meaning of all the combinations--of "rouge et noir," of "pair et impair," of "manque et passe," with, lastly, the different values in the system of numbers.
In response to a question on the possibility of Baghdad's acquisition of systems "S-400" Russian air defense, the State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauert confirmed that the United States is talking with many countries, including Iraq, to explain the meaning of the law and the possible consequences of holding these countries defense deals with Russia .
Understanding the nature of Jerusalem would help explain the meaning this holy city holds," Al-Ghanim underlined, exclaiming, "Palestinians would ultimately emerge victorious.
Summary: The park will feature exhibits that explain the meaning behind many of the stories told in the Quran
Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics seeks to help students understand the material they read in journal articles, explain the meaning of the results of statistical analyses examples, and teach them how to perform basic statistical tasks.
Dear Diarmuid, Could you please explain the meaning of the term "summer pruning" for fruit trees - how and when to do it?
Fewer than two-thirds could explain the meaning of the financial terms.
Through this course, students will be able to: explain the meaning of disaster; differentiate the risk factors underlying disasters; describe the effects of disasters on ones life; explain how and when an event becomes a disaster; identify areas/locations exposed to hazards that may lead to disasters; and analyze disaster from the different perspectives.
And 28% said that they couldn't explain the meaning of any of this jargon at all.
Worthy dictionaries explain the meaning of insidious as 'harmful' and in practise 'treacherous' and 'crafty',' bringing to mind the way in which the Tory UKIP leader has gather together people, some of whom in despair while others with false concerns, to muddy the political landscape to further his nefarious agenda of slowing the decline of Conservative politics.