explain the nature of

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Had she needed proof of the truth of her sad discovery it had been enough to point to the single fact that her father had brought her here to this little island without making the slightest attempt to explain the nature of his expedition.
In vain were the eyes of each individual bent along the opposite shores, in quest of some signs of life, that might explain the nature of the interruption they had heard.
We explain the nature of the conflict of interest that produces the class struggle.
I was foolish enough to try to explain the nature of our relationship.
Will you now have the kindness to explain the nature of the statement which has displeased you?
Such ultrafast energy transfer between QDs with imperfect surface might explain the nature of on-time increase in quantum blinking of closely packed Si QDs observed experimentally.
The case had been filed by the Saudi man following an argument with the woman whose nationality was not mentioned, but the source did not explain the nature of the disagreement.
SIR - In response to Timothy Williams' letter in the Western Mail (February 22), I would like to explain the nature of the standards investigation I am presently carrying out in accordance with the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 and to correct a misconception which crept into his letter.
They explain the nature of business research, including the definition of scholarly literature, how to develop a research question, and how to use theory; methodology and methods; the project proposal; collecting quantitative, qualitative, and ethnographic data; case study research; lesson common methods of collecting data, such as social network analysis, mixed methods research, action research, crowdsourcing, and participant and non-participant observation; ensuring data saturation; analyzing data; and writing the report.
The defence ministers might further explain the nature of the future mission and suggest which countries would keep their forces in Afghanistan after the end to the combat mission in 2014, he said.
But Mikati did not explain the nature of these changes or whether they would have a major impact on the salary increase for public sector employees and teachers.