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He would take his brainchildren and strangle them, throw them away, if some evidence was adduced that wasn't explainable by his hypothesis.
Coupled with other data, the March report had suggested a spring stall in the economy, believed explainable by higher payroll and other taxes that took effect in January, and the sharp "sequester" federal spending cuts initiated on March 1.
80 per cent of par because of coupon, while the remainder 20 per cent is explainable by the option value (derived from implied volatility of c34 per cent of the shares).
I think that any UFO researcher would tell you that 98 per cent of sightings that happen are very easily explainable.
The higher risk spreads for Italy and Spain are easily explainable, even if the markets may well be overreacting at present.
The discrepant findings in different studies might be explainable in part by differences in patient populations.
Isolated, explainable, short-term distress is the secret.
Some of Oregon's defensive issues are explainable by all of the new players, including four freshmen.
While practising advanced 'head-down' flying with his personal coach in attendance, Francis simply passed out for no explainable reason.
08-traded runner Avonlini, but while his in-running low was explainable, the 1.
These substantial improvements--which seem largely explainable in terms of changes in attitudes about drug use, beliefs about the risks of drug use, and peer norms against drug use--have some extremely important policy implications.
The committee has consistently taken a public position, restated in a letter to Welsh general practices following the article, that half-day closing was really only explainable within the current five-day 8am-6.