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Iranian soccer players no good: The head of Iranian soccer has explained away Iran's failure to reach the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup by saying Iran just does not have quality players.
Non-peaceful protests, resulting in extensive damage, injuries and significant policing costs, cannot be justified or explained away.
Prime Minister Tony Blair explained away the punch-up, saying: "John is John.
For it is insulting thatWAG seem to think that an issue, of great importance to many people in the area, can be explained away by such a statement.
GARY NEVILLE has claimed Manchester United's defensive frailties can be explained away by their constant changes of personnel.
But UFO expert John Hanson agrees with Suzanne that not all sightings can be explained away by these floating party lamps.
This appearance is argued against and explained away.
It could be explained away on various counts if it were not that the diversity of choice continues to widen.
coital smoke in a futuristic sci-fi film where every objection can be explained away.
This reigning scientific orthodoxy has not only removed the hand of God from human and natural affairs, it has also led humanity to a state of despair--for, if earthquakes can be explained away in terms of the movement of tectonic plates, and all that happens on earth in terms of randomly occurring processes, then life on this ravaged planet itself becomes a terminus ad quem, without any hope of a future life.
It is no wonder, then, when gospel stories surfaced that seemed to contradict the utter perfection of Jesus' divine knowing, they were quickly explained away.
Yet, I have a nagging feeling that Jesus' words should not be softened or explained away in this manner.