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Science World's explainers are stationed throughout the exhibition space.
As part of the campaign Life has promised to "engage at least 100,000 women and girls to explore science and engineering through science exhibitions, aim to involve at least 10,000 school girls in science workshops, engage a further 5,000 through a schools outreach programme, and continue to provide positive role models by ensuring at least 50% of graduate explainers who deliver science activities to the public are women".
gold Francey Be sure to check out the Fire and Ice Duels too, which will see the very clever science explainers showcase their favourite demos involving extremes of heat and cold.
Explainers also present shows in the Planetarium and Science Theatre, with the latest "Do try this at home
While many of the exhibitions, shows and activities are hands-on, it's our Science Explainers who bring the centre alive.
There are also new films in Life's planetarium and demonstrations by Science Explainers, while the Young Explorers' Zone has plenty for under-sevens.
Harry Sales, 11, said: "The science was described really well to us by the science explainers.
If you want to step inside a bubble or see flaming bubbles, Science Made Simple is here for a bubbles and balloons show, and we've got Dr Bunhead here and our science explainers as well.
Families joined Science Explainers at the centre to explore the science behind the squelchy substance.
Additionally, the Centre's science explainers will deliver live science demonstrations on the subject of space everyday during half-term.
Fun and educational live science demos are performed by a team of science explainers.
Hosted by the centre's Science Explainers, Colourburst is a 20-minute show involving audience participation and live demonstrations.