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Ricardo Garcia Villoslada (Madrid: Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, 1979) 7-400, at 227-30; Eva Schulz-Flugel's introduction to her edition, Gregorius Eliberritanus: Epithalamium sire explanatio in Canticis Canticorum (Freiburg: Herder, 1994) 20-26; and Jose Antonio Molina Gomez, La exegesis como instrumento de creacion cultural: El testimonio de las obras de Gregorio de Elbira (Murcia: Universidad de Murcia, 2000) 225-26.
As we have seen, Musculus' exegetical method builds from text to application, from the lectio, to the explanatio, to the observatio.
Indeed, as John Taylor (1993) has pointed out, an estimated Taylor rule for the United States in the pre-1979 period does have a coefficient less than I on inflation, and this is an explanatio n why inflation rose to double-digit levels by the end of the 1970s.
On the contrary, one is pleasantly surprised, for example, to discover that his prima explanatio on the Song of Songs 4:1 according to the literal sense actually expands on the 1561 gloss, adding most of the philological arguments so convincingly advanced in the 1573 Respuesta (Opera 2: 228-30).
Ambrose, De sacramentis, De mysteriis, Explanatio symboli ad competentes [Bernard Botte, ed.
Erasmus censures the same practice of cheating in his Explanatio Symboli, ASD, 5, 1: 317, lines 338-40: "Nec ideo molitores, pistores ac vestiarii fures non sunt, rem alienam vel subtrahentes vel viriantes, quia fit a plerisque.
Whatever the explanatio n, one has to admit that a change in the position of modifying elements with regard to their noun heads does not entail the syntactic restructuring of other elements that would involve semantic modifications.
Travel (writing) can serve either to suture gaps in cultural explanatio -- by allowing the presentation of anything that doesn't fit as alien and therefore irrelevant or "deviant" - or to demystify the self.
Backus is the first historian to examine how Erasmus's radical position on the Fathers figures in the controversy between Erasmus and Luther on the Explanatio symboli.
Influssi di Agostino Steuco e di Ambrogio Catarino nella Explanatio in Genesim di S.
33) The other main works where Ambrose deals with the theme of social justice and work are: De excessu fratris (378), Epistola 2 to Constantius (379), Hexaemeron (Holy Week 386), Expositio evangelii secundum Lucam, De Helia, De Tobia, Explanationes super Psalmum 118, Explanatio Psalmi 1, Epistola 73.