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Was the explanation which she had just read really as satisfactory and as complete as it professed to be?
Were I to give the Sphere's explanation of these matters, succinct and clear though it was, it would be tedious to an inhabitant of Space, who knows these things already.
And for that reason I did myself the honor of calling upon you, in order to beg for an explanation.
I must confess that this puerile explanation gave me great pleasure.
The explanation of your conduct in the other room is only one of the explanations which you owe me.
All sorts of feeble explanations, of appeals to him, occurred to her dimly, only to be rejected by reason of their ridiculous inadequacy.
Godfrey's absence from our Monday evening meeting had been occasioned by a consultation of the authorities, at which he was requested to assist--and all the explanations required being now given, I may proceed with the simpler story of my own little personal experiences in Montagu Square.
He called him into his room (I happened to be looking through a crack in the partition-wall), and had an explanation with him in the way that a gentleman should--noone except myself being a witness of the scene; whereas, in my own case, I had no explanation at all.
Charlotte laughed, and in this manner the serious explanation which, between friends so intimate might have been expected, was avoided.
He wrote by the same post to Reginald a long letter full of it all, and particularly asking an explanation of what he may have heard from Lady Susan to contradict the late shocking reports.
Morland, thinking it probable, as a secondary consideration in his wish of waiting on their worthy neighbours, that he might have some explanation to give of his father's behaviour, which it must be more pleasant for him to communicate only to Catherine, would not on any account prevent her accompanying him.
Of course, there was no explanation he could give except that he'd gone off with a woman.