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And since you, General, have today been so good as to listen to the Baron's complaints, and to enter into his concerns--since you have made yourself a participator in the affair--I have the honour to inform you that, tomorrow morning at the latest, I shall, in my own name, demand of the said Baron a formal explanation as to the reasons which have led him to disregard the fact that the matter lies between him and myself alone, and to put a slight upon me by referring it to another person, as though I were unworthy to answer for my own conduct.
Catherick--to ask for her testimony in support of the explanation which I have just offered to you.
In the meantime, as I cannot prevail on myself to discuss this painful subject with Miss Fairlie, may I beg, Miss Halcombe, that you will kindly undertake to give her the necessary explanation, deferring it of course until you have received the reply to that note.
I know the thing could not be," she went on, speaking more to herself than to me; "but I almost wish Walter Hartright had stayed here long enough to be present at the explanation, and to hear the proposal to me to write this note.
I don't believe in the rational explanation myself.
It gave the explanation, gave sanity to the pranks of this atavistic brain of mine that, modern and normal, harked back to a past so remote as to be contemporaneous with the raw beginnings of mankind.
I would not disturb you at this period, when so many misfortunes weigh upon you, but a conversation that I had with my uncle previous to his departure renders some explanation necessary before we meet.
My dear Valeria, if you understood my mother as well as I do, a serious explanation of her conduct would be the last thing in the world that you would expect from me.
That our predictions and explanations are so different tells us something about how we think the future works.
There are lingering questions regarding a recent visit to the United Arab Emirates by Im Jong-seok, presidential chief of staff, despite Cheong Wa Dae's explanations.
Self-explanation, a concept-oriented learning activity, is defined as generating explanations to oneself to make sense of new and known information to be correct, and it has been regarded as an effective strategy in students' algebra learning (Chi, 2000; Chi, de Leeuw, Chiu, & Lavancher, 1994; Neuman, Leibowitz, & Schwarz, 2000).
We presented the participants with another scenario as well, also with two possible explanations.