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3) In a sense, I have in mind here the centrality of body and, of corporeality in general, in Renaissance constructions of explanative space.
And more, the explanative power of a gap between the levels of contract breach/fulfillment is stronger for revision than balancing or desertion.
Justifications of the former as well as explanative schemes of the latter seem constantly fraught with the classical process of believing--"je sais bien .
113) An adequate reconciliation of these outcomes must not only be explanative of past behavior but also predictive of future behavior by the Court.
This should remind historians not to let the model drive the interpretation and to allow new evidence help refine old explanative frameworks.
Concerning this relative indeterminacy, Atmanspacher and Filk (2003) proposed an explanative approach based on generalized quantum theory, a "temporal double-slit scenario" in which discrimination and sequentialization of events are considered as complementary (non-commuting) observables.
Landoll begins with an excellent introduction that lays out the reader's imminent journey in an explanative manner that is informative to newcomer and expert alike.
A consequence of this is the contrast between the rather satisfactory explanative power of evolutionary ecology and its relatively low predictive power.
An explanative pattern emerges to clarify or develop questions or labyrinth-steps the learner had difficulty with.
It is explanative and clear, stating the product is dermatologically approved and hypoallergenic, which is something I always look for.
Considering their explanative strength, none of the significant outcomes were even a small effect.
They have included headings and subheadings, along with bullet-pointed information mixed with various illustrations which help to break up the vast and explanative text.