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6) To see just how explanatorily powerful the Nirodha View is, consider how nicely it resolves an apparent conflict in the later Buddhist tradition.
Since this AP is also explanatorily relevant, and so robust, PAP remains untouched by Pereboom's example.
This study makes use of an explanatorily adequate framework to understand the semantic and pragmatic behavior of illocutionary constructions that makes it possible to account for how illocution imposes different degrees of codification on its production and interpretation.
Husserl notices that the intentionality of mental acts is explanatorily and ontologically prior to the intentionality of linguistic signs, contents are intentional properties, every intentional experience consists of two inseparable and independently variable part-moments, a matter and a quality (there are acts of thinking, understanding, and cognizing).
6) The question that is relevant is whether the account of responsibility and the altruistic giving it entails is explanatorily sound and descriptively complete, when the account rest squarely on the supposition that responsibility is unnatural.
On the other hand, the account in terms of competition among writing systems proved to be explanatorily inadequate in a number of cases.
That these threads may be interwoven in an explanatorily satisfactory way demonstrates the fundamental embodiedness of O'Connor's fictional themes in the mutually intersecting senses of the human body, the form and structure of the language of the text, and the form and structure of social interaction among her characters.
In doing so, they tell of how Australian prehistory's Cambridge-trained founders were not unsympathetic to this new hi-tech archaeometry, but questioned how explanatorily powerful it would prove without being used in tandem with more conventional, anthropologically nuanced modes of interpreting ancient life-ways.
She, quoting Binford, states while defending the conceptual and methodological commitments of scientific, processual approach Binford "has vilified internal variables" and "gender dynamics would be included among such variables in most analyses, [is] just an example of the sort of factor he considers explanatorily irrelevant and scientifically inaccessible.
31) Note again the fallacy here, based on the atheists' theological assumptions: perhaps in the past Darwinism wasn't explanatorily powerful enough to drive God out, but recent, further scientific findings no longer leave room for God.
What Galen had failed to grasp about Aristotle's developmental biology is that there is an important sense in which references to a thing's ' nature' are not explanatorily basic.
As far as the first point of the question is concerned, we indeed sustain that in the MP framework the acquisition of the native language stops granting explanatory criteria to the theory of grammar, which is now assumed by the "strongest minimalist thesis", according to which a theory of grammar is the more explanatorily adequate the more it assumes an adjustment between the functioning of the external systems and that of grammar itself (see, however, Eguren and Fernandez Lagunilla [2004: 216], who expose a point of view that is contrary to ours).