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They will be submitted electronically only in the PDF (scanned) version of the explanatory explanatory note, the report of the authorized expert of the company, lease contracts for rented premises, ownership certificate for the premises, ownership of inventory of transported vehicles .
The OSG, as the primary law office of the government, continues to render legal services to GOCCs and the PCGG,' the explanatory note read.
The author has organized the six chapters that make up the main body of the text in three parts devoted to definitions and descriptions of EU optional instruments, a normative and explanatory framework for studying EU optional instruments, and outcomes of the study and future perspectives.
Explanatory styles can be divided simply into optimistic and pessimistic.
Short explanatory model Interview (SEMI) was used to assess the explanatory model of illness of the sample.
Results reveal that the correction for the mismatch between physical capital and its share reduces the explanatory power of observables by as much as 15 percentage points relative to the standard baseline.
In the explanatory note published in Origins, the U.
After discussing the chapters and the explanatory note by the members, they hailed the sincere efforts made by the honorable members of the Legal Committee during their study of the proposal from inception to this stage.
For this study the researchers recruited a random sample of college men and women (N = 390) and examined whether a pessimistic explanatory style mediated the relationship between childhood emotional abuse and frequency of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) in the past year.
Clinical and technical information in most African languages involves inexact terminology and code switching, thus lacking the explanatory power of the English language.
In 'Explanatory Realism, Causal Realism and Explanatory Exclusion', the exclusion principle pertains to explanations.
The methods tested were: voting as usual at a meeting convened for the vote; a postal ballot accompanied by explanatory material and access to an organiser for more information; and an on-line vote, accompanied by explanatory material on the web site and access to an organiser for more information.