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They consist entirely of citations with nary an explanatory comment amongst the hundreds of lengthy notes.
However, R argues that the use of the word "insure" in an explanatory comment to the rule, as opposed to "change," or other similar words, demonstrates the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's intent to apply the provision retroactively.
Effective January 1, 1996, the Explanatory Comment to the Record Keeping section of the ETHICS PROVISION will state: ".
In one example, the court referred to the regulations' explanatory comment that a Part B consultation payment requires the exercise of "serious" medical judgment.
In his explanatory comment Pius sometimes preferred the word gravitas, explaining, for example, that all things fall because of natural gravity and suggesting an association of terms and ideas that would eventually grow into the Newtonian laws of inertia and of gravitation.
By way of contrast, the revised PV contains the set phrase tat kasya hetoh, while the two Tibetan versions Tk and Tt insert the following explanatory comment before this phrase: "It is impossible to recollect the nonexistent by means of the nonexistent.
When conducting the survey by the interview method, have explanatory comments and other forms of the questions in mind in case the end user does not understand the initial question.
After Ms Notley presented her arguments in favour of the motion the Speaker noted that a motion of this nature was "rare" and made a few explanatory comments to the Assembly which confirmed that the motion was in order.
William Rowe for his practice of adding personal reflections and inserting explanatory comments as he celebrated Mass.
In explanatory comments, the Israeli bill says it expressly intended to "bar Israeli organizations from receiving money from foreign governments and international groups such as the United Nations and European Union.
The volumes combine clear black-letter provisions with extensive explanatory Comments, clarifying Illustrations, and detailed Reporter's Notes.