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They will be submitted electronically only in the PDF (scanned) version of the explanatory explanatory note, the report of the authorized expert of the company, lease contracts for rented premises, ownership certificate for the premises, ownership of inventory of transported vehicles .
The bill's explanatory note cites that currently there are 'too many regulators and regulatory regimes.
Kuwait has now joined a series of regional and international agreements on the rights of intellectual ownership," an explanatory note to the law said.
The legislation is aiming "at increasing the fighting efficiency of the armed forces and reducing human and financial costs, which are consequences of combat operations in Eastern Ukraine", according to an explanatory note accompanying the bill.
LAHORE -- The Election Tribunal comprising Justice (retd) Kazim Ali Malik Monday issued an explanatory note over delay in announcement of NA-122 case verdict.
625 som from 17,156 som, the government reported in the explanatory note to the revised budget for 2013 and forecast for 2014-2015.
Therefore, the explanatory note, given by the compiler of Dictionary1, is absolutely necessary there and might be even more specific.
In the explanatory note published in Origins, the U.
The government should endeavour to promote agrarian reform, and revitalise agriculture through ensuring remunerative prices, credit, irrigation, crop insurance and technical assistance; make efforts to prohibit unnecessary and unwarranted diversion of land and water from food production; and promote decentralised food production, procurement and distribution systems," says an explanatory note by the NAC.
It would also "cement friendly ties between Kyrgyzstan and Russia", the parliament said in an explanatory note.
The press secretary in his explanatory note stated that no mercy petition under the law, including that of Manjeet Singh was pending with the Presidency.
lt;p>In its explanatory note, the government said the draft law was a priority to applying the anti-smoke law and dealing with smoke affects at a time when its efforts continue to reduce the rate of Yemeni smokers through effective interventions to improve health styles particularly among the young and youth.