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Dunfer, his fragmentary revelation, and the unsatisfying explanatory note by the headstone, came back with singular distinctness.
The explanatory note of the bill indicated that the drones might cause a threat to public security, the right to privacy, in addition to the state interest.
The proposed legislation aims to 'hamper the growth of foreign syndicates and to address the illicit drug trafficking prevailing in the region,' Dela Rosa said in the explanatory note of the bill.
"Building and capitalizing on the gains of collaboration and engagement and in pursuit of the Mega Cebu 2050 Vision, there is a need to establish the Mega Cebu Development Authority to initiate efforts, provide services, and coordinate policies, plans, programs, and projects with concerned local government units (LGUs), national government agencies (NGAs), government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), private sector and civil society, and constituent communities with regard to the development and promotion of shared assets and resources, delivery of common services and functions, all trans-boundary in nature, to achieve integrated, inclusive, and sustained development," Del Mar said in his bill's explanatory note.
Alfredo Vargas III of the Fifth District of Quezon City said in the explanatory note of House Bill 1833, one of the bills eventually consolidated into HB 8734, that the developments in S and T have contributed significantly to the country's development because they advance the economy and improve health systems, education and infrastructure.
"Kuwait has now joined a series of regional and international agreements on the rights of intellectual ownership," an explanatory note to the law said.
The legislation is aiming "at increasing the fighting efficiency of the armed forces and reducing human and financial costs, which are consequences of combat operations in Eastern Ukraine", according to an explanatory note accompanying the bill.
LAHORE -- The Election Tribunal comprising Justice (retd) Kazim Ali Malik Monday issued an explanatory note over delay in announcement of NA-122 case verdict.
The average salary in 2013 is expected to drop to 12,344 som from earlier approved 13,421 som, in 2014 - to 13,897 som from 15,162 som, in 2015 - to 15.625 som from 17,156 som, the government reported in the explanatory note to the revised budget for 2013 and forecast for 2014-2015.
Therefore, the explanatory note, given by the compiler of Dictionary1, is absolutely necessary there and might be even more specific.
6 volume of Origins, the documentary service of Catholic News Service, along with an "explanatory note."
" The government should endeavour to promote agrarian reform, and revitalise agriculture through ensuring remunerative prices, credit, irrigation, crop insurance and technical assistance; make efforts to prohibit unnecessary and unwarranted diversion of land and water from food production; and promote decentralised food production, procurement and distribution systems," says an explanatory note by the NAC.