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possibility of mesh sepsis may require explantation for resolution
12) reported secondary inflammation as the most common indication for the explantation of anterior chamber IOLs.
19) The decision to leave the capsule versus capsulectomy with explantation is surgeon preference, with consideration for capsulectomy also given to the initial implant and whether the capsule can be removed in its entirety.
McLaughlin, "The diagnosis of breast implant rupture: MRI findings compared with findings at explantation," European Journal of Radiology, vol.
Modern practice recurs to device explantation as a last resort, namely when dealing with rebellious infections or when patients decide to abort the reconstructive procedure [31, 32].
Following the criticism, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, sought an explantation from the hockey federation and sports department for the poor performance.
National Poetry Month Celebration "Read a Favorite Poem Celebration,'' read a favorite poem and give a short explantation why it's special.
Abdominal reoperation and mesh explantation following open ventral hernia repair with mesh.
They outline the fundamentals, including mechanisms of failure and key anatomic features; problems in augmentation mammaplasty, such as deflated saline implants, rupture and gel bleed, implant rotation, infection, and malignancy after augmentation; suboptimal aesthetic outcomes like deformities, ptosis, asymmetries, explantation, and malposition; problems in mastopexy and augmentation-mastopexy, such as compromised skin flaps, nipple malposition, scarring, and flattening or loss of upper pole fullness; and problems in reduction mammaplasty, including ischemia, overresection and underresection of breast tissue, and unsatisfactory shape or contour.
11) Likewise, the use of cadaveric kidneys encourages transplanting those kidneys into near-at-hand recipients, even if they are not the most medically appropriate patients, due to the degrading of kidney function as time from explantation to transplantation rises.
Mectron has recently launched on the market a new PIEZOSURGERYA surgical kit dedicated to explantation technique, consisting of 4 different insert shapes specifically developed for this procedure: EXP3-R, EXP3-L, EXP4-R, EXP4-L.
Device explantation is traditionally necessitated in cases of erosion or infection, as device infections generally do not respond to antibiotic therapy alone, and all AUS components must be removed.