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MRI screening for silicone breast implant rupture: accuracy, inter- and intraobserver variability using explantation results as reference standard.
5%) of the cases, structural deterioration was so severe that little cuspal tissue remained at explantation.
A new technique for explantation and in vitro cultivation of chicken embryos.
Number of siblings and intellectual development: The resource dilution explantation.
The participants narrated their experiences of health and illness leading up to the VAD, their experience during the period of VAD support, and their experience of recovery after transplantation or explantation.
In cases where a speculum or bimanual exam is needed, physicians should first give the patient a full explantation of the exam and obtain consent.
Experts on the process, called explantation, said similar surgeries using other devices have been performed.
In a multicenter registry of temporary filters in Germany, (6) temporary filters remained for no longer than 14 days because of explantation problems caused by endothelialization, which is assumed to increase the longer the filter remains in situ.
35 billion (net present value) for women seeking compensation for explantation and physical injury resulting from their implants but caps the funds available for women with systemic disease claims (e.
The stewards noted his explantation that the ground did not suit the horse at Galway, and that the different ground was in his favour here.
The explantation has a lot to do with the fact I am a perfectionist.