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All you mother (expletive)," he told reporters gathered in front of him.
In our politically correct country, if any of the above named are used in a derogatory manner the people/country are outraged, but nothing is said when Jesus is used as an expletive which is hypocrisy or double standards.
"To all my (N word) get the (expletive) out this life!
One possible way to conceptualize the influence of expletive use in coaching is to understand players' subjective opinions of coaching techniques.
Supreme Court, where it might expect to prevail - last year the high court ruled that the fleeting expletive rule was not arbitrary.
Until recently, the broadcast of a fleeting expletive did not violate
Perhaps Mr Oliver believes that the burghers of Rotherham are so simple-minded that they will not be able to understand a list of ingredients unless every other word is an expletive.
We'd like to tell you his or her name, but the e-mail F&J received was unsigned: "Why are you business people bashing NHAC when they have done nothing wrong and letting a (expletive deleted) like Burr Cohen say that Republicans want nothing to do with Joe Kenney?
After initially sating Bono's expletive was not indecent because it was not really a sexual reference and in any event was "fleeting and isolated," the FCC reversed itself.
The whole thing started with the broadcast of the 2002 Billboard Music Awards, when singer Cher accepted the prize uttering an expletive, which, as you could imagine, got much laughter.
"Yet some scallywag, some scumbag can jump on the back of a lorry, come over under the tunnel and never expect to work a day in his (expletive) life.
Three reporters from Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper have been ordered to leave Pakistan in the next 72 hours for an editorial the paper ran that used an expletive in an allusion about President Gen.