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In his statement, Gatchalian once again acknowledged that he was the person behind the expletive tweets.
For example, research shows that people generally expect men to use fewer expletives in the presence of women (De Klerk, 1991; Kaye & Sapolsky, 2005; Martin, 1997).
Advertising guru Santosh Desai explains the rise of expletives among women as a " sort of double transgression".
The size of the fines had the effect of causing broadcasters to think twice about airing live programs during which a fleeting expletive might be uttered.
holding that fleeting expletives could be actionable when it had
And if Mr Oliver is so convinced that the expletives are a critical part of the process, he could even have produced a custom-made recipe book, called perhaps The ***ing Cooking Course.
The decision emphasized the distinction between Carlin's "verbal shock treatment," involving the deliberately provocative, repeated use of expletives, and "the isolated use of a potentially offensive word.
Government) and spacewalkers have to understand that, to Americans, expletives are not just funny, but hysterical.
Aziz Corporation chairman Professor Khalid Aziz said: "Bosses prefer their colleagues' language to be honest and accurate even it that means tolerating the odd expletive here and there.
Oscar favourite Brokeback Mountain is at No2 with 92 expletives.
It resurfaced on Thursday with a string of expletives during defeat to Dmitry Tursunov.
The court held that a major's alleged conduct, including yelling expletives at the officer while the officer was sick in a bathroom, were unprofessional and unnecessary but did not shock the conscience and thus did not violate the officer's substantive due process rights.