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The focus is to point out how the elements of this architecture of intersubjectivity (HERITAGE, 1984; SCHEGLOFF, 1992) are arranged in the space and time of what is defined as the interaction dynamics, and how participants take it into account, publicly, in their actions (see concepts of accountability (HERITAGE, 1984); and explicability (GARCEZ, 2008)).
The introductory chapter on "Stoppardianism" seeks to identify a single core perspective at the heart of Stoppard's lengthy and genre-jumping career, defined by Demastes as a positivist commitment to the inherent explicability of human experience.
The high values of the weighted factorials suggest the most significant variables for each factor in the explicability of the total variance.
Zeleny's Taxonomy of Knowledge Element Technology Analogy Data Electronic Data Processing Elements Information Management Information systems Ingredients Knowledge Decision support systems, Choice of Expert Systems and recipes Artificial Intelligence Wisdom Human systems Choice of Management and menu Management Support Systems Element Management Metaphor Data Muddling through Know nothing Information Efficiency Know how Knowledge Effectiveness Know what Wisdom Explicability Know why Source: Zeleny (1987).
In the wake of honor's assimilation with avarice, though, the only allegorical figure that remains is a cipher for causes, while 'prophecy' becomes an account of events and their increasing alienation from any sense of explicability.
Explicability of learnt practices to fellow farmers 4 Reduction of rural poverty Rise or increase in or increases in standard of output, income, skills, living information, expansion, savings, health, education, social facilities etc.
Water productivities for cotton and wheat crops need to be determined on larger scale such as canal command, for their precise assessment and explicability.
Is this explicability true for other materials of ME and of other periods as well?
By putting forward such a reading, I am overturning a longstanding critical position which sees Christianity in the poem as bound more or less absolutely to its ultimate unity, harmony and moral explicability.
It passes the Weyrich tests of seriousness and explicability to the public.
2) Ours indeed is an age that is highly suspicious of the myth of the ultimate rational explicability of the world, and the esoteric has gained larger recognition by becoming a frequent subject of philosophy and art, as an active agent in finding answers to numerous questions concerning who we are and why.