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The thoroughly and explicably worthy cannot know their worth, else they taint the pure fount from which their generosity flows.
The Blue's defender, however, in explicably delayed his clearance allowing Cole to recover and cross for the unmarked Bergkamp to side-foot in an easy opening.
Sean Gregan's elbow to the face of Jason Roberts explicably went unpunished.
It capped an amazing turn round with Derby in explicably out of sorts for the opening 45 minutes.
This book too, if less explicably, seems to exist in something of a time warp.
So the anti-realist, quite explicably, suspends the global applicability of what might, hitherto, have seemed a natural assumption that a warrant for asserting that [A] was assertible is a warrant for [P(A)).
The following discussion (of an explicably neglected topic, I think) should illustrate the point.
Young Maori women were expected to learn the 'appropriate' values and skills of 'civilised young ladies' and this task was linked explicably to the expectation that they would then pass on such knowledge to those in their iwi and in the future to their children.
Water occupying each of these three temperatures ranges is such as, lawfully and explicably, to present a whole package of distinctive physical features; each propagates sound differently, impedes light differently, etc.
So far, the novel has fluctuated at least explicably, if not logically, between limited third person and first person points of view.
In principle, there may be some way that the conflicting representations in The Dispossessed could be components of a coherent narrative, or at least could relate explicably to one another.