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Clinical Applications in Surface Electromyography demonstrates several effective means to explicate content.
In this book, representing a culmination of more than a decade of research concerning the notion of energy, Todaro-Franceschi seeks to move beyond the everyday use of the word and to explicate some universal meaning for a phenomenon that she identifies as the basis for being and becoming.
Carroll's reading of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights proceeds from such assumptions: He notes that the story of the tempestuous relationship between the foundling Heathcliff and Catherine Linton (nee Earnshaw), who are raised as brother and sister, is usually discussed as a "conflict between unregulated, demonic sexual passion and tamely civilized behavior." Critics typically explicate Wuthering Heights in terms of Heathcliff and Catherine's struggle with their quasi-incestuous desires.
Rosenfeld explicates his ideas about practice and professional-client relationships in an engaging way that helps the reader think about his or her own perspectives on these questions.
Finally, the author explicates the problematic of Kant through Heidegger's interpretation of "appearance" wherein the distinction between the thing in itself and appearance becomes redundant.
Muldoon locates and explicates eight different concepts of empire that flourished in the Middle Ages.
In part one, Awkward explicates critical texts to chart his sense of Black male feminism and examines "the differences race can make in the interpretation of black texts." The second section, "Interpretation at the Borders," questions the "relationship between race and reading" in selected texts.
As with the chapter on overseas Indians, Sowell articulates and explicates differences among groups - East European and German Jews in one case, Gujaratis, Chettyars, and Tamils in the other.
This index to the language that prevailed amongst the professionals is useful to the general reader who almost certainly could never have followed the chaotic path so strewn with the jargon that Sandler negotiates and explicates. All to the good.
Though stressing the Civil War period (as befits the subject), Neely explicates the development of Lincoln's political ideology from its Whiggish origins to its Republican terminus.
In the final chapter of the book, the author explicates a set of proposals for enhancing and consolidating stakeholding through savings, and of using savings as a means of meeting social needs.
Boiardo's Orlando Innamorato had to appeal to an audience steeped in romance, and Looney examines and explicates passages that trace the work's transitions and narrative junctures.